The third is a blank envelope,No address of any unit,One behind,Yao。Peng Changyi took a look,Is ten thousand。Peng Changyi asked:“This surname is Yao,Is it male or female?”

Dad said:“male。I said I’m an iron buddy with you,It’s your brother。”
Peng Changyi understands that it is Yao Bin,Think about it:“father,This can’t give you。”
Dad said:“The money,I can’t ask for a point,You’d better return them all,Different from the gifts in the house。”
Peng Changyi understands what dad said,The gifts in the house are no matter how expensive,Also a gift,The money in the envelope is less,Also money。Maybe two bottles of wine and two cigarettes are almost worth 1,000 yuan,But it is still different in nature。
Dad said,I took out two more bulging envelopes like this,。
Peng Changyi watched one by one。
Dad said:“stop looking,Put away first,Take it back and watch for yourself slowly,I saw that the influence is not good,It’s not good to let Nana see。”
Peng Changyi said:“Why don’t you refuse?”
“Can i not refuse,But these people,I won’t let you talk,Put things off,Stuff money and leave,I always ask who they are,Where……”
Peng Changyi knows the gift-giver’s style and style too well,Quick fix,I’m afraid I’ll meet acquaintances if I stay for a minute,He thought about it,Just write“Kou”with“yellow”Hand it to Dad,Again from“Yao”Took out a thousand yuan from the envelope,Stuffed into father’s hands,Said:“These for you,I should take the rest。”
Dad don’t want,Said:“The money you gave me last time has not been spent yet,I can’t spend any money。”
Peng Changyi said:“You can’t save it by yourself,These three are my buddies,You spend their money at ease,Others will not work。”
Talking,He didn’t watch,Just grab these envelopes in your hand,Out of the back room,Put it in your own handbag。Dad took out another piece of paper from under the bed,Said:“Are all here。”
Peng Changyi took this paper,Seeing that both the front and back are filled with the name of the unit or name,He looked,Then it burned on fire。
He stayed in Kangzhou for so long,Get a clear understanding of the character of the people on that land。Loyalty,Bold,Love to make friends,If you helped them or they respect you in their hearts,New Year holidays,Will always do everything possible to visit,I have to show it anyway,Doesn’t seem like this,Uneasy,A bad year,I feel ashamed to say hello when I meet。
but,If we bring this trend to officialdom,It was mixed with too many abnormalities,Become a relationship between officials at all levels、A legal excuse to go through the back door,The gift givers are aiming at this time,Come to your house,Give money and things,Chinese New Year,You can’t say anything,Seems to belong to the category of reciprocity。
It was originally a time of celebration,As the saying goes,The official does not give gifts,You can’t blast people out?That would be too unkind,Can’t explain,Culture of China,Such a custom,Peng Changyi also sent gifts to the home of superiors、Walked around。People who mess in officialdom,Have long been accustomed to this phenomenon,Give gifts to leaders,Walk around,Loyalty,Let the leader know,I did not forget the concern of the leader during the Chinese New Year,of course,The most important thing is to hope that almost the leaders can take care of it。