Peng Changyi takes a look at the audience,Said: “the following,Mayor Zhu, please speak。”

After Zhu Guoqing coughed a few times,After fully understanding Peng Changyi’s true intentions for holding this meeting,Just a few comments,The meeting ended afterwards。This meeting,It took less than twenty minutes。
Everyone is gone,Cui Ci stayed by himself。
Peng Changyi looked at him and said:“Old Cui,What do you think about this morning?”
Cui Ci leaned forward,Said:“I fully support the decision of the municipal party committee today。”
Peng Changyi smiled,This old secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection will arrive this year,Peng Changyi thought in his heart,Should choose a serious one for Kangzhou,Strong ability to work,Can’t be the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection anymore,but,If the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection is not the only one,Will cause some trouble for him as the secretary of the municipal party committee。It seems,The candidate for the secretary of the Disciplinary Committee should not have too much personality,It’s not good if you have too much personality,He can’t hold him either,after all,A place has a unique officialdom ecology,Some things can’t be too true,Some things have to be true,Cui Ci is not serious about anything right now,Don’t care about anything,This age,Such a cadre,You just use a whip every day,He refused to move forward。Thought of this:
“Old Cui,I suggest you divide your attention to the development zone,Specifically,Is to pay more attention to our current pollution control campaign。”
Cui Ci said:“Secretary Peng,This is the EPA business,Wouldn’t you let the Commission for Discipline Inspection participate in pollution control??”
First205chapter Temporary change
Peng Changyi heard Cui Ci say this,Just disgusted,But because of his old comrades,Still patiently said:“Our current work does not distinguish who is who,Besides, the Commission for Discipline Inspection has already participated。”
Peng Changyi thought about it,Said:“According to my personal experience,Behind any kind of unreasonable phenomenon,May hide illegal transactions,The serious pollution problem of enterprises in the development zone has existed for several years,Is there no protection from certain officials behind this?,Isn’t our Environmental Protection Agency in charge??Is there no dereliction of duty??There is no violation of law or discipline?”
Cui Ci heard this,Thought Peng Changyi was criticizing the Commission for Discipline Inspection for negligence,He feels a little unhappy,Heart said,Which cadre to investigate,Your leaders don’t feel bad?The job of the Commission for Discipline Inspection is to check cadres,I don’t want to check a few cadres,So that these people know who I am,Tell them not to take beanbags as dry food,but,County and municipal commissions for discipline inspection are sometimes displayed,Check any cadre,Is not the behavior of the Commission for Discipline Inspection,The secretary of the municipal party committee has to nod.,if not,Also violates organizational discipline,Thought of here,Cui Ci said:
“Too many questions,I also want to check a few before returning,It’s worthy of that.。But you have to withstand the secretary。You don’t know,Commission for Discipline Inspection,Work under the leadership of the municipal party committee,Start with Secretary Fan,To you,I have experienced four secretaries,Four secretary……”
He wants to continue,But it feels a bit out of date,Just changed:“You just came,Out of scope,Just talk about the previous ones,Are there any cadres we investigated and dealt with??No,not a single one,A lot of losers,There are many problems,But which one was investigated by ourselves?I understand you who are secretaries,I feel bad about everything,Over time,My secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection is also deaf ears——Decorated。”
Peng Changyi looked at him,Said:“Lao Cui,I don’t care what other secretaries do,But right now,The work of the Commission for Discipline Inspection must keep up,We must increase the investigation and punishment in this pollution control work。I won’t call you Secretary Cui,I should call you brother-in-law,I said brother-in-law,You have been tepid for so many years,Can’t you give me a harder time?Keep your back straight,Work boldly,Can’t you just check one or two nicely and openly for me?I need such a model。Although the previous secretaries didn’t let you Sa Huan’er,Nowadays,I let you have fun at this post for the last time,do you dare?You also see the determination of the municipal party committee,As secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection,You shouldn’t be on the sidelines。”
This is not what I say,This is a heavy criticism,In addition, Peng Changyi’s face suddenly became dignified and serious,This makes this name“Four dynasties”Can’t sit still。
Under normal circumstances,Peng Changyi rarely criticizes cadres severely,Not to mention that Cui Ci is a four-term veteran,Not at a critical moment,He rarely criticizes anyone,But the old secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection clearly likes this way of communication。
really,Cui Ci blushed and said:“Secretary Peng,I totally accept your criticism,I do……But please understand,After all, I am the one who will withdraw from the stage of history soon,something……”
“How long is soon?”Peng Changyi interrupted him forcefully:“This length of time is up to you or me?and also,How do you want to withdraw,Where to go?”Peng Changyi stared at him unceremoniously。