Student fitness should also be used in the right way Campus fitness can also be varied

Student fitness should also be used in the right way Campus fitness can also be varied

Children and adolescents are at the peak of growth and development, and moderate physical exercise is very necessary.

At the same time, we should also pay attention to the comprehensive needs of children and adolescents for nutrition and the special needs of physical exercise.

While choosing a variety of fitness methods, we must also do our best to prevent injuries, and we must strengthen nutrition for development.

  Playing anti-myopia plays table tennis, badminton, volleyball and basketball. In addition to increasing lung capacity and physical development, it can also prevent eye myopia because the important cause of myopia is eye fatigue. When playing, your eyes must be staring at the shuttle.From time to time, near and far, the fast-moving, fast-moving ball makes the eye continuously move, blood circulation is enhanced, and the function of the eye nerves is improved, which can eliminate or reduce eye fatigue and prevent myopia.

  Bounce exercise and brain health puzzle exercise brain health is because exercise can guide the vitality of a variety of neurons in the brain, making the brain’s thinking and response more active and agile.

At the same time, exercise can improve heart function, speed up blood circulation, and allow the brain to enjoy more oxygen and nutrients.

The most suitable aerobic fitness exercises for teenagers are skipping rope, shuttlecock, rubber band, dance and so on.

  Running is beneficial to growth and development. Japan has conducted physiological and medical observations on adolescents’ long-distance running, and found that after a year of long-distance running training, the physical development is normal, the height, and the weight increase are slightly higher than the average adolescent.

Judging from the heart function most closely related to long-distance running, the absolute value of cardiac index in adolescents is lower than that of adults, but the output is not lower than that of adults in terms of weight per kilogram. Visible heart disease has the ability to withstand a certain load.It is not good for health, and it helps growth.

  Do what you can to prevent injury At present, the content of the domestic school physical education syllabus is mostly competitive sports content.

When assessing the performance of sports, the content that requires the ultimate strength to meet the standard occupies an important position and the proportion is broken.

However, it must be clear that the physical exercise of young people is not the only solution that uses the ultimate load intensity and load. The medium and small-intensity load and adhere to the regular small load accumulation of physical exercise can promote the overall development of complications and comprehensive physical fitness.Improvement is not common.

In addition, it is necessary to make clear that the extreme strength load is not suitable for some adolescents with certain health defects and diseases, so as to avoid sports injury accidents.

  Arrange exercise time scientifically. The morning air is the best time to exercise in the day.

Morning exercise can make children and adolescents transition from sleep inhibition to awake state.

You can arrange some gentle exercises to make all parts of the body fully active, such as exercises, shoulder exercises, waist exercises, leg presses, kicks, and so on.

After the activity starts, you can do some comprehensive sports, such as running and climbing stairs.

After a day of intense study, the exercise in the afternoon can be arranged in time and richer.

Can do some hide-and-seek, skipping games according to the interests of students, and can also arrange football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis and other sports, and if necessary, can arrange swimming, ice skating and other items.

However, the activities in the afternoon should not be too violent, so as not to be overly tired and affect the study and rest at night.

  Editor’s Note: Parents should pay attention to the comprehensive needs of children and adolescents for nutrition and the special needs of physical exercise.

The material and energy metabolism in the body must ensure that the proteins inside the tissue cells are often self-renewing, that is, the demand for nutrients in growth and development; it is necessary to ensure that children and adolescents establish a variety of sports skills for additional nutrients.

Its nutritional characteristics are high protein, high metabolism, low fat, and rich vitamins and minerals.