“stop!”Shout,Li Huo doesn’t even care about his brother’s eyes,One stepped and disappeared,Li Yun was shocked,Although he had expected,But still can’t stop,Under the red robe shaking,He moved too。

Lihuo repaired the most weird Great Heavenly King Fire Art in the Holy Fire Palace,Characterized by sudden attack,Irregularities,And it is extremely lethal,No warning when starting,Even make the opponent feel inexplicable,In the eyes of everyone,After drinking from the fire, move forward and attack Dongfang Hongliu,Hong Liu was also ready to be attacked when he turned around,But I didn’t expect that Lihuo was gone,And I don’t even notice any breath of this guy。
It was Liyun and Wu Ju that rushed to Dongfang Hongliu’s side,One must guard against his brother’s death,Is equivalent to protecting Hong Liu,The other is the second grumpy in the Five Elements Palace,He wanted to beat Dongfang Hongliu a long time ago,Liyun is present,He had to endure,But Li Huo suddenly appeared and started,If he doesn’t take advantage of the fire,,Give vent,He is not my torch。
In this way,Those who didn’t know thought it was Liyun and Wuju’s coincident raid on Dongfang Hongliu,Some puzzled,Some exclaimed,And the people around Hong Liu rushed over to protect their boss,The scene suddenly became chaotic。
Dongfanghong Liuji is cunning,He instinctively took advantage today,Humiliate people in the Five Elements Palace,Because he knows that as long as Liyun is there,Also scrupulous about Huo Tianzun who has not returned for two days,No one should dare to openly do it,I didn’t expect Lihuo to suddenly appear,This guy who doesn’t know the king’s law is the most daunting,Do things without considering the consequences,When one is unhappy, he fights,Hong Liu is most http://www.dvjuwr.cn afraid of such people。
So after messing up,Hong Liu doesn’t care about his subordinates,This is a good time to escape,People from the Five Elements Palace blatantly beat、Interception of royal officials,Add another crime,Then you can justly lead people to surround the Five Elements Island,Just take people。
But something very hanging on the rail happened,Hong Liu just got out of the chaotic crowd,I haven’t had time to jump on the auspicious clouds,Then it exploded into a ball of fire,Bright fire,Like a huge rose,Great Heavenly Fire!
One thousand one hundred and twenty-six chapters Murder
There is a horrible howl like a pig in the flames,Dongfang Hongliu is also very good,He didn’t even die under the direct blow of the Great Heavenly King Fire,But Liyun’s heart was so cold,Even if this stuff is not dead,Such a big hatred http://www.wecanvalve.cn can’t be bypassed anymore。
All the supernatural beings who participated in the fight in the square were disturbed by the horrible howling,They stopped to look at the terrifying fireballs above,Liyun doesn’t want to save,Can’t do it,This kind of fire is extremely stubborn,Stick a little bit like a maggot attached to bone,Hard to get rid of,And after a hit,Li Huo did not show up,The purpose is obviously to prevent all rescue methods,Make it clear that Dongfang Hongliu will die。
Everyone watched as the fire ball flared rapidly after swaying slightly,Finally the volley exploded,I don’t know who yelled,Everyone fled,For fear of being stuck by flames falling in the air,But after Li Yun whispered a few words to the big man with green face, he suddenly jumped on a cloud,Go away quickly,He understands Lihuo,Since I killed Dongfang Hongliu,I will definitely do it,All Hong Liu’s followers can’t escape bad luck。
Li Yun is not that kind of jerky and crooked character,At this time, it will not help to stop the fire or rescue.,Just open the space barrier of the defense big array together,Temporarily cut off all contact with the outside world,Take precautions。
Beautiful flowers bloom in the sky from time to time,Just breathe,The seven or eight followers brought by Dongfang Hongliu all turned into colorful fireballs,And then return to nothingness in a brief splendor。
There is no need to clean the battlefield in front of the Hall of Five Elements.,Everything dissipates in the wind。