Palace Qingwen shook his head,“I am definitely no problem.。”

SneakIGOther people,Palace Qing Wen has lowered the sound:“Do you want too many people??”
Liu Qingsong,Expressive expression is sorry。
“Nothing,Change it to the old friend reunion,I don’t want to make others blended。”
“Um……Then I will not bother you.,Solvely suffer。”
The http://www.zgcydh.cnpalace clearly smiled,Going to the head to continue watching the game,Liu Qingcong suddenly opened again.。
“do not,go together,Three weeks。”
Palace clear,The expression on the face is some inexplicable。
“Why,Do you have a boy??”
Liu Qingxun suddenly laughed,Laughing a little bad feeling。
then, The expression on his face quickly recovered。
“I am also for him.。Understand the gap between people and people,He will work harder,Can get better results。”
Palace clearly scratched the head,Dare to be a toolman who has become Liu Qingsong used to stimulate Lin Yuxiang.?
Looking at Liu Qingsong,He at this time in the palace,There is already a belly black on the label of the image.。
“Don’t want to make people in the future, you don’t want to take care of you.。”
Think about it,Palace Qingwen still reminded a sentence。
“fine,He is quite stupid……Others are very temper.。”
Palace Qingwen pretended to hear Liu Qingsong forgive to collect back。
First game,FPXWon the victory。
althoughFPXThe gap between the previous road due to personal abilities,One degree into the disadvantage of the line。
but,Wait untildobAfter the tour,This disadvantage is directly spreaded.。
even,After the number of times of swimming,FPXThe underlying situation is direct to the advantage。
People who can hit professional,Whether。Personal ability is gap,Also bigger。
so,existFPXAfter the road has achieved advantages。SNDown the way,I want to hit the situation again.,That is too difficult.。
FPXThat is, in this process,Slowly firmly control the situation。
Although the medium termSNAlso played a few wave of counterattack,But finally,They still have not wonFPX。
The second game starts soon。
In this game,SNIt seems that you have exploded by all members.,Outcode。
FPXFacing thisSN,Don’t say that it is dying with a wave of swing.SNNS,They didn’t even have a victory of the group battle.。
The competition enters the parties。
FPXIt was forced to the edge of the cliff,Although most of the professional players,It is very uncomfortable for the four emperors.。
After all, the ranking of the beginning of a season,I can’t represent too much.。