His palm five points to have a hurricane in aggregation,Call,Just like shooting a nasty flies.。

Liu Chen’s ability to raise your arm,But I heard a cockpul。
Scream,His right arm is falling down,The whole person is horing, 哒 哒 趔趄 趔趄 趔趄,咚 咚,I fell again on the ground again.。
http://www.miracleprinting.cn Liu Chen holds the right arm,Herbled pain,狰狞 狰狞 写 不 不 不 不 不 不,“How are you……”
I am a god master.。
Why is it taken by a slap?。
This……how is this possible!
“Do you really think that you are strong??I just see that I didn’t kill you on the clear face.,Like your garbage god level,Laozi killed no thousands and eight hundred。”
This sentence,Liu Chen’s heart is like being smashed,The body is not controlled。
He is naturally clear,Break through the genetics,Just pseudo-level,Empty body strength,But can’t condensed the power of qi and blood。
In the words of Huaxia,Just like external work and internal strength。
Even if the pseudo-level is also a god?。
He is not a hordic secret.。
to be honest,In terms of strength,Not much difference in pseudo god and god level,Winning will only be reflected in combat skills and persistence.。
Because,If the goddess is encountered by the goddess,If you can’t be defeated or killed in a short time,The longer the delay time,The worse the pseudo-level。
But one thing can be sure,God level has almost no spike-level ability。
unless……What seems to be,Liu Chen’s face is more,It is query about the next consciousness,“you……You are the peak of God?”
NS686chapter Be
God-level peak?
The three sides of Gasker could not help but。
indeed,For some unusual masters,God-level peak is already standing in the pyramid。
Because of the beginning of God,Mid-term and peak,The trial of the three realms is very disadvantage。
Gap between every small realm,It is equivalent to the awareness of the big realm before God.。
God-level peaks can indeed easily and easy to defeat the beginning of god。
Can be found in three people who know summer identity,Immediately the world’s nine hegens,Never exceed God level,Reached the prohibition。
if not,How can they dominate one party?!
That is the legendary ban.!
if we assume,There is a standard watery between the sky and the gods.。
So God level and prohibition,http://www.rkhvk.cn Is a huge gully!
Only entering the ban,It is only to stand into the row of hegemony.,And the ban is like a french,Candle countless masters have been intercepted。
Summer did not talk nonsense with him,But look at Liu Qingqing,Eye gods。
This is an extremely plain gaze,Falling in Liu Qingqing,But let her look more complex to the extreme。
She is very clear that the meaning of the summer is。
Liu Chenyi is still a summer,It’s even two times to kill yourself.……No matter what aspect,This person will die!