When I finally filmed the editing,Shen Huan can also recall the plots and scenes he saw,Make some supplements。

Including Shen Huan’s publicity requirements for Shanhai.com,Are an important part of the whole production process。
Although it’s a little troublesome,I want to make a TV show,It’s a cost-intensive thing。
You want to be successful after giving,It depends on whether you give your best,Do you have the thought of doing everything。
If the kind that can be successful casually,Unless it is open,Or bad luck。
Truly successful,Will not pin his hopes of success on the above two premises。
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First514chapter Night talk (One more)
Seeing it’s night9point,Sang Cai is preparing to go home from get off work,Zhang Shouzheng knocked on the door and walked into the office。
Seeing this, Sangcai smiled bitterly。
The salary paid by Bao is indeed very high,And as an old courtier, Sang Choi,There is still a little equity in。
But everyone paid a lot for this。
For example, people at the general manager level of a branch,Generally, I don’t go to work earlier than night8Point home。
It’s a good thing to get one day off a week,Something happened,Coming back to work overtime soon。
Except for Yang Feng, it can be easier,To sell him as a business card,The rest of the employees of Abao Pay,Either above or below,Very nervous。
Of course there are exceptions。
Those are the companies acquired by Abao Technology。
Usually Yang Feng will let them continue to work like before,Just introduce a little change.leather,Then it will introduce a competition mechanism.。