Holding a tiny little hope,Ling Mofeng searched everywhere,I hope I can find something useful to myself,But in the end he was disappointed,The home has already been turned over by police officers who are more professional than him,What else can he find out……

Go back to my room,The same messy scene,Bed sheets,The bedding was thrown on the ground indiscriminately。
He sat down on the bed in despair,Looking at everything around me blankly,I’m in a mess。
He has only one thought in his mind at the moment,escape!Escape this terrible home,Never come back!
Correct,Call those old buddies!
Thought of here,Ling Mofeng immediately reached out and pressed the switch of the lamp subconsciously,light is on!Okay,There is still electricity at home。
He hurriedly took out the phone and charger from the flash,Charged the phone,Then I looked around again at everything in the bedroom……
Yang Shiyun in the hospital,I received a call from Liu Yong personally。On the phone,Liu Yong told her,Ling Mofeng has been released from the detention center。The neighbourhood of Ling’s family called the police:He returned to his home where he was raided,Got in over the wall,Now he has plain clothes to follow him。
Ling Xiaoyun committed suicide in fear of crime,But the crime he committed,Who are his associates have not been fully identified,So Liu Yong sent plain clothes to monitor Ling Mofeng,I want to see if I can find any valuable clues from him。
This is also the reason why Ling Mofeng was not driven away from his house’s sealed villa。
“I know,Liu Ju,Don’t forget to notify me if you have any clues。”
Yang Shiyun’s Theory of Habitual Conditioning……
Hung up Liu Yong’s call,Yang Shiyun immediately called Qin Liang,Told Qin Liang the news,Ling Mofeng tried his best to defeat Shen Ruoxi’s idea,She wants Qin Liang to be wary,Pay attention to protect Shen Ruoxi’s safety。
“it is good,I know,That bastard,No skill,He doesn’t have the guts,Do not worry,I know what to do,How are you doing?Does the injury on the arm still hurt??Something to eat,I bought it for you。”
Qin Liang took the opportunity to please Yang Shiyun。
“It’s okay,It doesn’t hurt much anymore,If you are busy,You don’t need to see me……”
Yang Shiyun said fake and polite,She was anxious that Qin Liang would go to the hospital every day to accompany her。
“I am not busy,It’s fine for now,I’ll see if you have time,Just go to the hospital to see you,Don’t be naughty,Stay in the hospital obediently,If it’s naughty,I’ll take off your clothes and spank。”