Baby Ou look at the time,“Are you delaying time?”

Zhang Yunqi sighed long,Rushing to die like this,He is really helpless,“Me and your father,Some origin,An incense is always inevitable。Let me send you to death,I’m really upset.”
Baby Ou interrupted him,“You curse me so,I don’t think you feel much upset in your heart.”
Zhang Yun waved his hand,Gotta,I can’t tell you,stand up,Last reminder Ou Bao,“What i said,You believe it,Don’t believe it,up to you,but,You have to understand one thing,Many people are actually just like you,Hope it’s fake。”
Baby Ou listened to these last words that have no meaning,Looked at Zhang Yunqi。
Zhang Yunqi ignored Ou Baobao again,After taking a deep look at her,Just turned off the video。
Someone invited Bao Bao Ou out,Wei Zi and Yu Ze are gone,Many people are gone。Zhang Xiaojiang, Zhang Yulin and Feng Yang are here,Stand behind Ou Zhaozhao,Ou Zhaozhao is drinking tea。
Saw baby Ou coming back,Ou Zhaozhao walked up quickly,“All right?”
Baby Ou shook his head,“Where’s my uncle and brother?”
“Bring something,Go home。”Ou Zhaozhao finished,Added,“Go home first。”Although I really want to ask the girl what is going on,But she was afraid to say something she shouldn’t say,Simply suppress curiosity,Didn’t ask much。Anyway, the girl is safe。
Baby Ou actually wants to tell Ou Zhaozhao if she is really full。My father is really unusual!!!but,Since she just killed her,Confirmed,all fake,If she is excited, tell her mother,It’s a bit contradictory。It is better to find a suitable opportunity,Say it lightly,The effect is better.
At this moment,Zhou Jin and another group came over,“please follow me。”
After Ou’s mother and daughter were taken to the top floor,Got on a small plane,Only Feng Yang followed。