Lu Liding was upset and didn’t want to make fun with his little daughter,Soft channel:“be good,You go to the lobby first,Dad has something to do now。”

The little girl’s mouth will start crying,Lu Erniang hugged him into the house。
The worried Lu Liding has no thoughts to talk and laugh with Du Jueming,After a sigh,Into the backyard。
Du Jueming and Xu Xuxu、Yu Wen glanced at each other,I randomly found a stone bench in the yard and sat down。
“Ask the world,What is love?”
Suddenly,A soft song sounded,Far away,Sounds like a vague feeling,But it’s true,Every word sung is nearly a point。
The three were sitting in the yard and chatting leisurely,Suddenly heard this singing sound,All three sat up with a scream。
“somebody is coming!”
Du Jueming said condensedly。
Xu Xuxu nodded,“It should be Li Mochou,Be careful,Even in story mode,Li Mochou’s level is at least50level!”
Yu Wen hummed softly,Express understanding。
“Direct teaching.Life and death。”
The third sentence is still in harmony,Dead words,The source of the sound has reached outside Lufumen。