“Is not……I said something wrong!I want to say……You look beautiful,Everything you say is right……”

Qin Liang suddenly found out that he was evil,Hurriedly said。
“Brother-in-law!I don’t want to say anything about you!You really have enough!”
Shen Ruoxue’s beautiful little face flushed with shame,Gritted teeth!
Liu Xiaoyun just gave Qin Liang a blank look,Didn’t say anything……
“Qin Liang,you……Ha ha!”
Ling Mofeng originally wanted to tease Qin Liang,But when I thought that Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were still there,He swallowed the words that had reached his mouth again。“Sorry……I really mean it!Not intentional!I apologize!Sincerely apologize to you all!”
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One thousand four hundred and seventy-nine chapters Opening ceremony
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Qin Liang despite his thick skin,But at the moment, I’m a bit ashamed!In front of two good friends,In front of her little daughter-in-law Liu Xiaoyun,Openly molested her sister-in-law Shen Ruoxue!Qin Liang did this kind of thing!
“Smoothly?Who did you say to you??I don’t say this to many beautiful women often, right??”
Liu Xiaoyun came here sourly……She can’t help it,I’m still here,Qin Liang praised Shen Ruoxue’s big chest!Isn’t this an obvious dislike for my small chest?!Although Liu Xiaoyun’s chest is really big!But to compare with Shen Ruoxue,That’s really a little bit smaller……
“Absolutely not!Really do not have!I swear to the light!”
Qin Liang concealed in a panic,Anyway, he swears that he also came with his mouth open.!
A lamp tube suddenly exploded inexplicably!Shocked everyone in the room!Qin Liang’s face turned green in an instant!This is too damn effective, right!Just lied and swore,Retribution will come!
Liu Xiaoyun looked up at the ceiling,Look at the glass shards of the underground lamp,Finally, I looked at Qin Liang,Smiled secretly,not talking anymore!Qin Liang saw Liu Xiaoyun’s smile!He immediately felt as if his little heart was stung by something,He almost jumped up!Who is Liu Xiaoyun??That’s the smartest and wisest Xiaozhi Duoxing of the Shen family!If you want to pretend to be in front of her,Muddle through,That’s really