“Not,You have a tree behind http://www.haobozj.cn you,You hung up to the tree to the tree。”

“……”It’s another hustle and bustle.。
But in the dark,Obviously people are inciting emotions,Secretly push hands。
“Can’t let him go,We should hold him。”
“Right,Let him become our hostages,Then open the road of Changsheng。”
“Don’t you know?,He has gone through a long-lived road.,I must know some of them.,Never let him leave。”
“superior,Everyone together。”
“He is just a person,We have killed him so many people。”
The people in secret recycling,However, no one takes the first step.。
The shadow of the human famous tree。
Compared to China’s domestic,Summer is more obvious in foreign countries,That is the prestigious name of life.。
“Not a terrible,Those Chinese people have promised us,Will not help summer。”
Some people do not hesitate to sell it directly http://www.huaxinmf.cn from Huaxia.,And some people take the first step。
Someone takes the lead,Someone is followed immediately。
Dozens of people on the left will quickly rush to the summer。
NS2545chapter Kill it
Summer is originally thinking,I will definitely face the conspiracy trick.,Wanzi。
At the end, I will tear my face.,Then speak with fists。
Just don’t think,Just came to this http://www.shujiuhong.cn place,I have encountered this situation.。
People who want to dark, they can’t wait to kill him.。
Especially if someone else shouts,Huaxia people will not help summer this sentence。
And the people in the crowd,Although it comes to,But not there is no one to say。
Also an attitude。
Summer laugh,In the eyes are unlimited killing。
Now now,No need to nonsense at all,There is no need to talk nonsense。
Kill it。
More than a dozen people who sweeping over a rush,Spiration and a population of densely labeled。
This moment,He faintly speculated some situation。
Rushing,All are Western holes,More than a dozen camps,There are also many people who want to move。
But those who have the east aspects,But only indifference。
This has demonstrated attitude。