Summer mouth open,Soundmined as a sound line,road,“In our Chinese ancient philosophy,There is a saying,50,It uses four hundred nine,Daquan is a yin and yang.、Four icons、The sum of gossip evolution,simply say,Large derivation,It is the meaning of Tai Chi。”

Toned,Also,“Expand to the initial level,It is gold、Wood、water、fire、Soil、Thunder、Light、dark,It is derived into heaven and earth starry,Allore。”
Merely,Summer eyes staring at the continuous movement,And slowly changing patterns,Also said。
“Sorps is now doing,Is in reverse evolution of the world,From the initial first level,Gossip,Top four icons,Retreat to the yin and yang,Finally,This is repeating chaos,In the old magic legend,If you can repeat chaos,I have the power of opening the earth.,Can open a new world,certainly,This is just a ideological idealism……”
Summer eyes flash,“Open a new world,Maybe the channel to open the cemetery?”
Be talking about,The pattern on the ground finally thoroughly formed the yin and yang two analyzes.。
But soon disappeared。
And this disappearance,Again。
Yuehua shrouded on the blue stone stone,Finished into gray mess。
Then,Slight tremor。
“what happened?”
“Is it a seismic?”
“This cliff will not collapse.……”
Master is a master,I feel this tremor,Improve slightly。
at this time,Suddenly, it is like a thunderous thunder.。
There is a shocking scene.。
This high-meter high giant blue stone stone monument,Under the eyes of everyone,Slowly fall into the ground。
I haven’t been reinvised,Top and ground。
If you don’t look,It is a huge stone inlaid in the ground.,I will not think of a huge blue stone stone that is a high ten meters high.。
Everyone is shocked around。
Because,The entire cliff is still tremor,And more and more intense。
Many people have changed color,Bustle。
Shake a cold drink,That is only in the eyes, you don’t add disdaining and contempt.。
immediately,He stepped to the edge of the cliff,Flashing a humanoid channel now。
Then everyone looked at the light……Go on。
Be right。
Just gone,
The figure turns disappeared and disappeared。
NS2702chapter Tomb open
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NS2702chapter Tomb open
This cliff in which everyone is located,Be named,The rumor is the land of Ghost Valley。
Slear cliff up to thousands of feet,Deeper,Hanging stone is secluded,Ancient tree,And this place is clouded from clouds all year round.。