All this happens very fast。

Many people only see a white light flashing,Next second, tinnitus,Body earthquake。
Then a wolf cigarette。
When they have not fully understood what is going on?,Summer is already kicking Maria’s skull。
Although some cruel,But the reality is the case。
Especially in this killing conference,So many people look at,Summer identity,Lian Fan is provoked, it does not respond,Will only think that he is weak and bullying。
have nothing to say。
Kill it。
At this time,On the right side, I suddenly came from a slight disturbance.。
The original population actively separates a humanoid channel。
In the field of view,Actually slowed a luxurious carriage……
Be right。
A white horses pull a luxurious carriage to the side of this side。
Around the carriage,Twelve wearing a knight jacket man face solemn,Ethere also。
Such a pair of pictures fall in the eyes of everyone,There is a feeling like a dream。
After all, it is now on the cruise ship.,A carriage is slow,It’s too Gege that is too Gegee with the surrounding environment.。
However, there is a moment between hundreds of people on the deck and become serious.,Rushing the carriage。
The master of all the world here,Which one is not awkward,People who can let them expose such expressions.。
But the people in the car in front of the carriage,It is this qualification。
Or,The identity of the person sitting in the carriage,Let people have to treat。
Because,They represent a dark parliament。
Twelve men in the wagon four weeks,It is also a nameless twelve Dark Knight of Herch.。
Dark Parliament,This is a strong and mysterious organization than the nine big hometowns.。
This killing conference,Just。
“hehe,This isproved,I am full。”
Victoria smiles,Looking at the summer,Eyelid,Meaning deep,“I heard that you and the Dark Parliament?”
“do not know。”Summer expression is serious,Decisively den,“Never know。”
“Yes?”Victoria oblique glance,Ambiot,“What is your heart??”
“I am guilty?joke,How can I be guilty?。”Summer dry cough,“let’s go,I am hungry for a day.。”
Victoria gives him two words,It is still quiet。
soon,Twelve Dark Knights served a luxurious and noble carriage to the past。
One of the knights took an elegant pace to the carriage,Slunch,The look is extremely respectful to open the curtain of the carriage。
In a gaze gaze,A delicate white boots stepped on the car。
Spin,A white gloved,Tight the woman who covers the white veil, there is a person’s sight.。