Xu Gang put down the wine glass,Seems unprepared,I was in a hurry to find a beautifully preserved business card,Handed over。The whole process is natural,I can’t see how prepared I am。

Ma Huaide glanced at Xu Gang,Reached out and took the business card,Glanced,Then he passed it to Secretary Luo beside him:“Secretary Luo,Put away Mr. Xu’s business card。”
This operation disappointed Xu Gang slightly,however……
“Uncle Xu,What age is it,Also handed out business cards?You have to keep up with the trend of the times,Uncle Ma is the boss of Penguin,He doesn’t know how to read business cards!Wechat is popular now,I’m right,brother!”
The heartless Guo Xiaoyi opened her mouth and helped Xu Gang a lot.。
Wang Yufei took a look at Guo Xiaoyi,My sister’s words,Must be unconditional:“Ok,Uncle Ma and Uncle Xu are the same,Are all in business,Adding a WeChat exchange is good。”
This sentence almost dropped the tears that Xu Gang raised up。
Are all in business——Accompany?
Brother, can’t we stop being so humorous?
According to this statement,There can be hundreds of millions of small shops between Xingsheng Group and Penguin Group,Everyone is in business,All the same,Don’t you lose face??
Even without mentioning the size of the company,Him thisCEOJust senior wage earners,When the board of directors has something to do, it can still force one end,But people are the founders,Straightforward。
however,Never expected,Wang Yufei just finished speaking,A smile appeared on Ma Huaide Gujing Bubo’s face,Said:“Xiao Wang is right,Everyone is a businessman,Are indeed peers,Add a WeChat,If you have any business dealings in the future, you can contact directly。Secretary Luo,Give me the phone。”
Xu Gang was stunned,until……
“Mr. Xu,You sweep me,I still sweep you?”
“I sweep you,I sweep you……”Xu Gang is true this time·Hurriedly took out the phone,Even slightly shuddering to scan the QR code passed by Ma Huaide。
When Xu Gang walked out of the box,I feel like I’m dreaming。
I didn’t expect to kill him,He actually added Ma Huaide to WeChat during this simple meeting!
On Huaxia Mall,Ma Huaide is definitely a top network,Let’s not talk about whether you can chat or not,As long as the sense of smell is sharp enough, I just pay attention to this circle of friends,Maybe you can see business opportunities,Standard gold resources。