A long day passed,Even if this is still1Los Angeles of the Month,Kobe is still sweating。

Kobe knew to be a director,It’s more tired than playing games,Cobina40+Tired!
Nowadays,The performance of the actor is still very satisfactory to Kobe,Perfectly completed the effect Kobe wanted,Even more real than the original。
The curious and tough male protagonist played by Uncle Wolf Jie Hockman,Very immersive,And the heroine Julia Taylor also showed a terrified image to the fullest。
Kobe believes in this pseudo-documentary film,3All shooting can be completed within days!
The filming of this film is not difficult,Almost all conversations,And use some special effects to cause supernatural phenomena,This is why Han Kobe decided to take over the role of director of this film.。
You can try to increase your life achievement,And saved money for the director,Won’t kill two birds with one stone?
When Kobe was shooting his first movie,Many people in Seattle are preparing。
“Gary!This is your best chance to wash away your shame,Like the league proves who is the first guard in the West?。”George Carr is scoring the Seattle SuperSonics players,The Lakers finally ushered in an away game after seven consecutive homes。
The next trip of the Lakers will be a three-pass,They will first1month26Japan away game against the Seattle SuperSonics,1month28Day vs. Dallas Mavericks,1month29San Antonio Spurs。
Three western teams,The strongest of these is supersonic,Current record30Win12negative,Ranked fourth in the west。
No. 1 in the West last year,This year it fell to fourth with almost no changes in personnel.。This is unacceptable for both the top team and the players。
There are already rumors,If the Sonics did not reach the finals again this season,Then the handsome position of George Carl may not be guaranteed。
“Got it!coach!The lakers boy,He will feel better in the next game。”Gary Payton also has envy and jealousy for the Lakers,Last year they were the Lakers this year,The same youth army,The same top combination with inside and outside stars。
that time,The protagonist of the west is Gary Payton,He is the brightest guard star besides Jordan。
And this year,As if everything has changed!
The focus of the media is no longer Seattle’s youth army,Glove Payton,The two names of Rain Man Camp rarely appear in the media.,Replaced by the Los Angeles Lakers!Shark O’Neill!Peter Pan Kobe!
If you say that this won’t let the supersonic players,Feel jealous,Feel hate,Then they don’t deserve to be professional!