Thinking of Yang Feng who appeared yesterday,And the mysterious rich man Mu Guishu,If they help Shen Huan collect in these places,It is undoubtedly easier。

Thought of this,Ruan Jiahao felt even more irritable。
I haven’t indulged in such a high-level super rich,But Shen Huan fell in love!!
When he was at a loss,The old man Ruan Zhicheng called to let him go home。
In such an emergency,Ruan Jiahao still wants to fight again,See where you can find a good copybook,How would you be willing to go home to delay time?
But Ruan Zhicheng ordered him to get back quickly,In no way,Young Master Ruan can only be obedient。
The old man controls the financial power of the family,The five siblings haven’t separated yet,How much property can be allocated in the future,All depends on the old man’s happiness。
Do you think Mr. Ruan dares to disobey the old man??
“father,Why are you calling me back?I still have business!”Into the study,Ruan Jiahao started talking。
“What business?”Ruan Zhicheng asked。
“Just,Just……”Ruan Jiahao scratched his head,“Antiques,You do not understand!”
“I don’t understand antiques,But it’s so big,How could i not know?”Ruan Zhicheng glared at him。
I already knew it after seeing the old man,Ruan Dashao smiled,Dare not say much。
Ruan Zhicheng said:“It’s spread out now,That our boss is overwhelming,Want to compete with Shen Huan, the most famous genius in China,As a result, I was beaten up in the first game……”
“They fart!”