Wu Guanqi sighed,Said seriously:“Ugh,The level of party school students is high,Know everywhere to protect the image of the party。”

Peng Changyi said frankly:“nonsense,I swore an oath to the party flag。”
Wu Guanqi argued:“me too,Don’t think that only you are the red heart,me too。”
Peng Changyi stopped smiling,Said:“Not as good as this,Go elsewhere to develop,I introduce you a place,I visited this place a few days ago,Really good,Didn’t you say that you do not engage in real estate business and only do tourism real estate business??”
Wu Guanqi said:“I told Lao Zhu,I told you what to do。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Yang Xin of Lang Zhu,To develop tourism,There is also a water surface there,But not big,Is a river……”
He didn’t finish,Was interrupted by Wu Guanqi,Said:“Barren land again,I will never do it again。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Be patient,Don’t act smarter than anyone else,I haven’t finished speaking yet,You know what i mean?opinionated。”
Wu Guanqi“Haha”laughing out loud,Said:“Good good,You said,You said。”
Peng Changyi said:“I mean you can investigate this tourist real estate project in Yangxin,Get in touch with Changjiang Fan in Langzhu,Maybe he will have sweet dates for you to keep,He is close to the capital economic circle,It’s a second-tier city anyway,You will develop faster,You are now making flowers in Sanyuan,Sanyuan is only idle for one year and six months,The real tourist season does not last long。So I advise you,Shrink Sanyuan’s fist,Check it out,Seize the great opportunity of the past few years,Make a fortune,Then Jinpan washes your hands。”
“I want a golden basin to wash my hands again?”
Peng Changyi said seriously:“Yes,Because experts predict,Recent years,The real estate industry is in chaos,Entry barriers will be lower in recent years,It’s okay to fish in troubled waters,Will definitely be regulated in the future,Remember my words,Stop at the peak,You are guaranteed to earn money without losing。As long as you always remember to stop,There is no problem。”
Wu Guanqi looked at him,Pondered for a long time,Said:“What I said to you is still a bit clouded。”
“Haha。You run to the capital every day,What salon party are you attending?,You just don’t know anything?”
Wu Guanqi said:“to be honest,Sanyuan I’m already shrinking investment,I am indeed targeting the real estate industry in the future,but,What I don’t understand is what you mean by closing hands?”
Peng Changyi said:“I sue you,I am inherently sensitive to these,and so,What do you want to do,Qin report to me,I’ll tell you then,Make sure you can pull out your feet。but,If you let me explain it to you clearly now, I can’t do it,Even if it did,It’s hard for you to resonate with me,Because you are a businessman,Is an insatiable businessman。”