Xie Yunchu because of this,Rub it hard, Li Shunyuan——Let Qinbao see the uncivilized picture。

Li Shunyuan is also a strange thing,Xie Yun made this kind of inconsistent behavior,I’m a fan。
Wrapped Xie Yunchu earlier than Yue Feng。I just hope I can come from Xie Yun,Learned this kind of superficially learned kung fu。
All these grievances and Ou babies know,She still hopes Xie Yun will be in school,How many male classmates can you have,I happily agreed to their request from the same group。Although Xie Yunchu didn’t object,But it didn’t follow Bao Bao’s thoughts,Become good classmates with these two。
Not getting better。
Six people have been in the same class and group,Till now。Outsiders seem to be good friends。
Only they know,What is their situation。But also in the same group,Till now。
“Social practice,We discussed before,I went to Bao Bao’s company to be a trainee for a day。Is this okay??”
Yin Nini speaks。
All five said no problem。Although this is obviously Yin Nini, a star chasing girl who is doing her own business。But they don’t have any intentions to really do a good job in this practice report,So there is nothing wrong with this。
“Then,What about this social survey?”Yin Nini is also worried。They discussed for a long time before,Did not discuss it。
Because from junior high school,Every winter and summer vacation there is this kind of report to write,Many social surveys,They have done it。Too weird,I didn’t give it to the school,Too ordinary,Bad data。They did research in their company before,The teacher said it’s not an example。Many students in the class do this,The teacher can only endure,While adjusting the requirements,Deepen the difficulty。
From the perspective of students,Look for issues of interest or concern in society,Combine students’ self-thinking,To make a survey report of no less than 600 people。
It means that there are one hundred subjects in the group。
No less than five age groups,No less than ten industries。
Students actually write about protests every year,But the school doesn’t listen at all。Because the parents’ meeting is very important to these activities。It’s also a distinctive sign of the school。
So even if the difficulty is greater than once,Students can only pinch their noses to complete。Besides,Some students,I also like this kind of homework。
But definitely not including the six here。