at last,The old man got what he wanted,Smile satisfied。

As for the other person,His face is like lard,Half dead,no way,This is the pit he dug by himself,Can’t blame others。
Hard to say in the future,Now he has no idea of wanting to fight,Thinking of the cold coercion just now,His back is still cold!
In fact, the real price of that volume of martial arts is far less than 20 million,At most it’s fifteen and six million,The main reason is those two。
“The next auction is of no use to men,But it’s definitely the most wanted thing for women。”The auctioneer paused again,Look to everyone,“Zhu Yan Dan,Taking Zhuyan Dan can keep the skin supple and shiny,There were originally two,Eaten by our young lady。”
Why put Zhuyan Dan behind the Xuanpin martial arts,The value it considers is potential,Men are really not interested,But you can buy it for a woman!
In this way,Those men who smile at winning a woman are bound to be crazy about it。
“The reserve price is also 5 million,Everybody,A rare opportunity,let’s start!”
I don’t know if I will be young forever,But when I think of Zhao Shaojiu,The hotness in the men’s hearts instantly emerges,buy,Absolutely cost-effective。
“20 million。”
what’s the situation,The first bid was 20 million,It still makes people live,Everyone’s eyes turned to the bidder,Suddenly dare not say much。
This person is Mr. Mu, the chief of the Bincheng Fighting Tournament,Combine beauty and wisdom in one voice,A woman of wisdom and strength。
Xia Chenglong is also a little curious,Specifically glanced at each other,I don’t know if it was intentional,The woman’s eyes floated towards him,With a faint smile。
“Cough,That one,20 million once,twice,three times,Deal。”