Victorian eyes flashing crazy,“The old lady also fights。”

She transplasses a bloody red manner,More and more rich,More and more condensed。
Next second。
This red light is peeled off from her.,A human form。
One of Victoria’s stunt。
Blood shadow。
Condolen blood again。
The second blood shadow is condensed。
This is the power of Victoria。
She can use itself,Although the combined force of the blood shadow is no such powerful,Can not fall in a short time。
Summer is also moving。
He stepped forward。
The snake knife is waving in him.,A harsh。
That is because the speed is too fast.。
Whenever the sound is like a torn,A black line flashed。
“Bamboo”A thick knife,That is a piercer,As if a white sky is spherating。
Unstoppable!Sword’s moment,The pavilion in the pavilion in their trading is collapsed.。
This knife,Not attacked to Rafael and Kysi。
The target actually refers to……Dora。
A sharp knife。
其 不 不。
A knife sealing eight parties。
Walking outside,Trying to sneak attack in Victoria’s Dolly。
He feels that the shadow of death is shrouded to himself.。
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Dora dream did not expect。
Summer will attack him。