“I used to secretly scold him for his little white face,Fortunately, he didn’t anger him,Otherwise I will be miserable!”

“Unexpected,In addition to looking good, Shen Huan、Beyond learning,Still so strong……I really envy that group of schools.Flowers!”
“Hum,Envious of what they do?But it’s better than us,In the future, Shen Huan will meet more famous schools.flower,They’re not like us yet,Can only watch?”
“Yes,Just say Han Donger,Can they compare?”
Shen Huan looked at them with dodgy eyes,I know what they are thinking、What to discuss。
Even Su Xiaofei, who was a little unhappy with him some time ago,After seeing Shen Huan enter the classroom today,Are so scared and hurry up and pretend to read,Never dare to face Shen Huan with a scornful smile anymore。
For these changes of students,Shen Huan didn’t care about it。
The mental age is always fast30Year old man,What’s the use of pondering in the small pond at school all day long?
His mind,Already skipped high school,Have a longer-term plan。
After eating at noon,He Qiang called Shen Huan to the office to do Olympiad papers。
Two consecutive lessons in the afternoon are self-study,Of course He Qiang came to take up Shen Huan’s time in a fair way。
After Shen Huan showed his mathematics talent,The school gave He Qiang a small stove,Is already very supportive。
Shen Huan naturally needs such an enthusiastic teacher,Explain to yourself some basic knowledge of mathematics,And some of his teaching experience for decades,This is a rare foundation to consolidate。
only,The question that He Qiang put up recently,The difficulty is getting higher and higher。