The whole team is made up of some homeless mercenaries.,The recent record in the league is very ridiculous。

Kobe under the flashing lights of the Great Western Forum Arena,Still contributing wonderful performance。Facing the Clippers’ almost undefended bench player。Feeling hot, he took over the game。
Just played21Minutes of him,Bombed21Minute3Backboard4Assist4Steal2Comprehensive data on blocks。
“Impeccable。”This is the evaluation given by Harris,He has already considered letting Kobe replace the starter。Such a talented player is a waste on the bench,But he is still thinking about which player to replace,Will Kobe’s tacit understanding with the starting players go wrong?,He is also thinking。
Dr. Bath watching from the sidelines in this game,Send a text message to Kobe after the game。
“Born to be extraordinary,Keep going,Legend of the future。”
The Lakers did not stay long in the warm environment of Los Angeles,Kobe and his team flew to Minnesota。
10Minnesota is already a bit cool,The climate here varies greatly from warm to cold throughout the year。Summer can exceed46Celsius,And the lowest temperature in winter can be as low as-22Celsius。
Timberwolves1989Joined the league in,Geographically speaking, it makes up for the Lakers leaving Minneapolis.。The team only stayed at the Hubert Hamfry Measure Zenith Stadium for one season before moving to its home stadium.――Target center
“my God,I really don’t want to play in this place。”O’Neill is very afraid of the cold,The cold weather after getting off the plane made them shiver。
“Hi,Shaq。It seems that your fat is not generating enough calories for you。”Kobe teased,After several games,Get along on and off the court,The two are very close together。
“Damn,I will show the energy of my strong muscles on the court,Not this ice and snow。”O’Neill folded his arms exaggeratedly。Teammates laugh,It seems that the fat man is afraid of cold。
Minnesota Timberwolves after years of poor performance,Accumulated a few good players。But the bad weather here,It’s hard to keep good players。