“Then wait for our chief and captain to come back,Or you can tell us。”

The policeman secretly smiled,He knows that his psychological tactics have worked on Ryoko!
“Do not,I want to talk to your chief,The captain explained!”
Ryoko said stubbornly,He thinks he wants to make a condition,Only the chief and the captain can decide。
“can,Then wait for them to come back。”
The policeman nodded and said。
“When are they coming back?”
Ryoko can’t wait to ask。
“almost,Wait patiently,As long as they come back,I’ll tell them right away you need to explain the problem。”
The policeman smiled and said。
“Can you help me stop the pain first?”
Liangzi started to ask carefully……
“I’m afraid this won’t work temporarily!Treat you,Medication,Have to go through our chief,Or the captain approves it,and so,You still have to wait for our chief and captain to come back。”
The policeman said coldly。
“But I want to die in pain……Help me!”
Maybe it’s a psychological effect,The more Liangzi thought about the wound hurts,He felt that the wound really hurts more and more!When Yang Zhi forced a confession to him,Tore his wound with a knife……This is specially used to deal with prisoners of war who refuse to confess,Neither will harm the lives of prisoners of war,Can add to the pain of war prisoners!Strictly trained soldiers have stronger willpower,So the patience can be very
long,But for ordinary people,That’s an unbearable painful torture!
“So much pain?Why doesn’t it hurt when you kill someone with a gun??Why doesn’t it hurt when you resist confession??I know it hurts now?You should feel the pain。”
The policeman said with disdain。