“By the way, I am puzzled,You and Ruoxi didn’t look good when they were in school,How come this is so beautiful now?”

Song Min is going to use Chen Hao’s rhythm,She usually talks less in front of everyone,But if only Shen Ruoxi and Chen Hao are around,She has a lot of words。
“What you said!You mean only you can be beautiful,Others can’t be pretty, right?Why are you so domineering?Moreover:If only you are beautiful in this world,Everyone else is the ugly duckling,You don’t think that the music is high and the few friends are less,Is it beautiful and lonely??”
Chen Hao struggles with Song Min。
“Then I specify not!What’s wrong with being the best in the world?At that time, three thousand beauties in the harem,The emperor pets me alone,That’s pretty good,It’s delicious, delicious, and fun!Haha……”
Song Minxin said that。
“and many more!Why do I listen to your words?!Tell me first:Who is the emperor who dotes on you alone?”
Chen Hao immediately grasped the handle in Song Min’s words and asked。
“Not born yet。”
Song Min’s nonchalant answer。
“Oh,I’ll do the math,You are over 30 years old this year,The emperor is not born yet,If the emperor was born tonight,No matter how early he married a wife,Then you have to wait for him to be a teenager,You were forty or fifty when he was a teenager,Damn,You want the old cow to eat tender grass!”
Chen Haozai screamed!
“fart!This girl is 22 years old this year, OK?!Can you call me older?Why don’t you just say that I have menopause??”
Song Min’s disdainful answer。
“Oh,22 year old little yellow girl,Come,Take off your clothes and let her see if her body is growing。”
Chen Haoshun made a joke,But when I say this joke,Not only was Song Min stunned,,She was stunned!When did I learn to make jokes with no lower limit?!This is by Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan,Are Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun infected??
“Are you crazy?When did you learn to talk like this?”
Song Min asked in surprise!Of course she would never mind Chen Hao making such a joke with her,But the problem is:This is not scientific!Chen Hao has always been the most upright, honest and least nonsense of the three sisters since childhood.,What’s wrong now?
“I……Missed the word。”
Chen Hao said so embarrassingly。