Drink more drinks to damage your teeth

Drink more drinks to damage your teeth

When it comes to the disadvantages of drinking more drinks, the first thing many people think of is that repeated excessive transfers will cause weight gain, and the latest research believes that drinks have another unknown danger: that drinks can damage the surface of teeth.Protective layer — enamel.

  The American General Dental Association recently released a message prompting that experts exposed healthy teeth to carbonated beverages commonly found on the market. After 14 days of observation, it was found that carbonated beverages gradually weakened tooth enamel after prolonged contact time.Causes permanent damage.

Researchers have pointed out that various additives, chemicals such as flavor enhancers and organic acids contained in beverages have a relatively strong corrosive effect on teeth.

Experts also point out that the presence of carbonated beverages during meals is less harmful than when drinks are consumed alone.

  In response to this information, Dr. Hu Yiwei from the Peking University Stomatological Hospital said that in addition to carbonated drinks, orange juice that people often drink also damages tooth enamel.

Although tooth enamel is a very hard substance on the tooth surface, it is easily eroded by acid. If the tooth enamel is damaged, the dentin will be exposed, which will cause symptoms such as soreness, which will cause dental pulp disease.

Therefore, if you want to drink a beverage, you should pay attention to reducing the contact time between the beverage and your teeth, and rinse your mouth after drinking.