It is also a sentence that that person has said.。

“Your identity background family calendar,Calculate a fart in the eyes of Laozi,This world,There is always someone you can’t afford!”
that person,Summer!Chen Jiajun although anger、Resentment,But there is no family,He really doesn’t have a power to retaliate.。
The key is the other party’s identity,Mei Jiashun,Ming people’s son,Summer red brother,And one of the nine hegens……These identities,Let him directly ignore the revenge。
But he didn’t think of it.,The same man is the same as this devil,It will appear in front of you.。
“It seems that you really know me.。”
Summer eyes flash,Continue asking,“What is my name。”
Chen Jiajun is wrong,But I don’t dare to neglect.,“summer,Summer,You……”Not finished,Summer interrupted him,Sound is getting colder,“What is my name。”
Chen Jiajun,Hurry,“summer,summer。”
Summer eyes catch up,Asked,“What identity I am?。”
Chen Jiajun is more wrong,Some uncertainty,“Nine,Nine big hegens?”
Nine big hegens?
Summer eyebrows,Do not move,Continue asking,“anything else。”
“Uh……You,You are the capital of Beijing,Is Lingyun Group Chairman Summer Shadow……Not,Xia Xue’s younger brother,Still Qinghai Baihua Group Chairman Liu Qingqing’s boyfriend……”Say,Chen Jiajun seems to have thought of what,Glance,Be strange,“Summer,Are you a loss??”
Summer eyes,Coldly。
Chen Jiajun,Hurry,“This is not what I said.,It is a rumor from these days.……”“Tell me if you know you。”
“I also learned these in half a month ago.……”Summer single knife to the Hushan,To break with the guardian alliance。
This big event,Originally, it just set off a wind wave in the ancient weapon.。
But with rendering and diffusion,From the ancient Wu Shijia and Hiddenjiakou,It has passed to some big families。
simply say,But what should I know,All know,And maintain great attention。
Certainty,These messages are also limited to this。
Under deliberate blockade,Ordinary people can’t know。
When Chen Jiajun learned from the family mouth,He is still secretly cursed that the summer is hacked.……Even if he also knows,Summer and yourself is not standing at a level。
But I didn’t expect it to be on the same day.,His desire is really realized。
Summer is dead,With the same time。
When he talks about it here,Asked in summer,“Rush?
Who is the light??”