Butterfly step through flower!

Platinum answer talent——
Whoosh,I didn’t even see the shadow,Xu Xuan rushed past Harden。
Harden reacts quickly,Him now,It’s not just defending by eyes,He quickly followed,Trying to interfere with Xu Xuan’s attack behind。
The physical energy of two people is directly full at this moment,This is another game!
Harden succeeded!
He guarded the ball。
But he also failed。
His stamina is being rapidly consumed!
Finished the first quarter,29ratio22,Mosaic extends the advantage of the score to7Minute!
Single section7Point difference,This is already a big number。
But Harden is not happy。
He is tired,Feet are sour at this time。
He needs a rest in the second quarter,But he rested,Mosaic team has no core,A very sad thing,He looks in the direction of Howard,An inexplicable smell flashed in my eyes。