And the Raptors,Lowry looked ugly at his technical statistics。

10Minute、2Assist、3Backboard,No steals,No blocks,Not even free throws!
Xu Xuan is so caring about his defense,Caring until he even wants to commit a foul without a chance.
Such a big vacancy,Wouldn’t you choose a difficult breakthrough??
He is not a fool,So he chose to throw the damn ball in his hand.
then,He was sad。
The results of the Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors’ opener stunned everyone。
At the end of the game,The Internet is already crazy about the discussion of this game。
Whether it is from the strength or the lineup,The Pacers are a far cry from a complete body like the Raptors。
“If the Pacers have another possibility of victory, it is to let the game enter Xu Xuan time!”