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That is Qin Liang’s own special dart,Engraved on the handle of the dart;The first four small characters of the dragon soul。
“it is good,Thank you for keeping me for so long,In addition,You keep one,Carry around,If you encounter a critical moment,Take it out,tell them,you are my friend。This will ensure the safety of life!”
Qin Liang not only protected Murong Xiaoyao,Now also protects Murong Shan’s safety。
“Thank you。”
Murongshan doesn’t know what to say,I can only nod my head repeatedly,Said two words,She knows how precious this thing is,I know the value of this thing,It’s a safe charm that you can’t buy if you want。
“All right,I still have something,Don’t worry about key matters,I will arrange it immediately,Go back and wait for my call。”
Qin Liang finally confessed these few words,Then he pushed the door and got out of the car,Turned around and walked home。
Sitting in the car,Watching Qin Liang go away from the back,Murong Shan suddenly smiled quietly,She finally relied on her daughter Murong Xiaoyao,Forced Qin Liang to admit his true identity,And also got his protection for his mother and daughter。
Qin Liang returned home,Walked back and forth in the living room a few times,Reach out and take out the phone,Called Xiao Huahan……
“Brother-in-law,Check me the details of this person immediately,I’ll wait for your call。name is;Ling Xiaoyun。”
Qin Liang briefly stated his requirements,Then hung up。
“Husband,Is nothing wrong??”
Shen Ruoxi came down from upstairs,Asked Qin Liang nervously。
Ling Mofeng,Now she is always in a state of high mental stress,Just this thing,It’s completely because of her own willful consequences,She’s suffering,But can’t tell。