How can you make yourself humorous?

How can you make yourself humorous?

According to reports, some US hospitals have re-established many humorous rooms to treat patients.

Once the humor room was opened, it was welcomed by patients and their families. Some patients’ condition quickly improved, which is like “medicine to cure”.

Such an amazing effect is due to the proper use of psychological therapy, so that the patient’s distress, sorrow and loneliness can be restored.

Such successful examples of medical humor rooms in the United States do not require high economic costs and newness, and we do not prevent “take it” a try.

  Of course, if people want physical health and longevity, they must first emphasize the cultivation of their sense of humor.

So, how should people cultivate their sense of humor?

  First of all, we should be optimistic and cheerful, have a strong will, and do not worry or worry when things happen.

Humor and optimism are the sisters of Revival.

It’s hard to imagine that a person who suffers from difficulties and frustrations will have a sense of humor.

On the contrary, a person with a sense of humor can discover some “dramatic factors” from his unpleasant situation, and can make himself psychologically balanced.

Lenin’s sister Ulyanova said: “Lenin’s delicate humor makes people cheerful.

“Only when you are open-minded can you make others open-minded; only when you are contagious can you infect others.

  In fact, we must actively engage in social work and carry out innovative labor.

The reason why humor is humorous is that two irrelevant events are colluded together, which makes people feel surprised and interesting.

Therefore, the creator of humor must have rich experience, original ability, and break away from conventional thinking.

  Third, we must consciously strengthen some humor training in daily life.

For example, as long as you are familiar with him, as long as you are familiar with him, in addition to work, you can often say something interesting, read more Chinese and foreign humorous sketches, celebrity fun facts, break words, etc .; if the incident does not prevent it from being estimated to be larger, imagine that a richA person with a sense of humor is in my position now, what will he do?

In addition, you can usually try to mobilize everything you see, hear, and read, or take a bit of it, or complement each other, or make sense of it . You can connect, compare, produce hair, maybe you can achieve an amazing phrase”Humor” miles!

Of course, humor is often born suddenly, and it seems that it is impossible to think and consider. This art can only be obtained through long-term learning and practice.