t the urine in his body, he made a thing of it fire.

  ”I.Anyway, my brother more good.”Wu Geng Lin counterattack pale.
  Floating just have to win Peizai Han glance, brought back a smile, faintly proud.
  People sometimes very strange, in the past, Peizai Han remembered his sister, his mind full of “bad shortcomings”, but now think of it, but more is better, and even brought his sister splash this matter, she just felt funny – she lied to her sister also worked with pastel nail polish painted nails do things.
  Peizai Han did not know, that to some extent, it is Naochun Pei Wu Fangfang and remind each other, trying to adhere to the impact created by the word 苏州夜网“fair”.
  Two sisters, this is not enemies, gather in the heart of Peizi Han, in fact, not her sister’s “naive” and bears – who did not get it too naughty?More let her mind this, it is a double standard in dealing with parents and her sister, everything she does, always be subject to strict requirements from the others, while her sister to do everything, you never need to apologize, do not accept the blame.Sister can unconscionable, and she were locked up in circles, this balance, has never been true equality.
  And now, she gets a steady stream from the parents’ love and attention, and different from the past, all the contradictions between the two sisters, a small dispute, all decisions at the point of fairness to do – even if sometimes unfair, and parents will she carefully explained, for example, my sister did not attend primary school, there are many topics not understand, too spoiled, as long as the wrong sister, no matter how crying, my sister is also necessary to apologize, and if it is her fault, that Like, say clearly the truth, apologize apology.
  Slowly she began to feel that she is also an important part of the family, and so杭州桑拿metimes, it can be a little “greed” to get some of the few “preference”, parents will clearly tell her – “Baby, you do sister I appreciate you looking at Ember for us, Zhenguai.”And

of this, this is more delicious meals.”

  Ah, Peizi Han stupefied to hear, anyway, writing this essay, she does not have time to write so many pieces, which can be considered simply because she recently many impressive things in one, except tail echo, she she also did not notice so much with writing skills, but teachers now boast, it is.Should forwa杭州夜网论坛rd it, anyway, also praised her.
  ”Wow, good hate your sister!”Wu Geng Lin grimaced, his brother home early age, not to destroy the king, weekdays, but also fun, Qiaqia little fat face will be smiling, he could not help but hear the mischievous sister Peizai Han frown if his brother dare to do this, he must.Well北京会所体验网, he can not bear how to.
  ”You just hate brother.”Peizi Han heard that, immediately hit back, jerk little sister is what it bio?Is the world’s only she can just say bad things about the little bastard, “and your brother grow up, you know.”
  ”My brother would not!”Wu Geng Lin dismissive,” I tell you, my brother First I go home every day, Pidianpidian ran up to me, but also tea, pour again, back to me pinching the shoulder, eating look, when I eat less, eat a little brother will do one a.”Hyun brother spree silently show evidence smile felt extremely beautiful.
  If the former, I heard Wu Geng Lin said so, Peizai Han simmering gas only to himself, but now she’d be able to talk about good Tan sway sister: “My sister and mom came to pick me up from school every day, she sat obediently next, what are the basic points of what I have, and广州桑拿 usually I do my homework, but also give me a clap in the next, say what her sister would, even more severe than mom and Dad.”I feel like just evened out, Peizi Han gave new evidence” in the evening, when my sister would come to my bed, rubbing my hand and said she wanted to sleep with me, my sister said the best.”
  .There is no doubt a defeat, compared to his older brother, younger brother still prefer my parents, Wu Geng Lin will not admit it back and his brother slept, his brother abou

ure and post on the wall, what Edison, Marie Curie, Gorky, etc., which is a lot for a long period of time student essay cited sources.

  Sun teacher standing on the podium a talk in class pointing to some very look of the country, used to write Fen Bizi person, a sum meal on the blackboard, writing correct handsome, sometimes four fly powder: “The final exam essay, thesis writing is a memorable moment, this essay, before we wrote a lot, but do not know why, there are still many students in a serious digressio北京夜网n, digression phenomena.”
  This time, midterm exam, language classes average about Peizi Han fell down from the previous-year period before the two fell to the now fourth – in the case of only six classes, almost equivalent to the reciprocal, and this teacher to Sun very anxious, a classroom door panels are the face.
  Of course, the teacher appears, any problems are quite simple, but the students “thinking” limited impact play Bale, for example, have been a fifth-grade students, there are a lot of students writing is Xiao Ming, red; at every turn is to help grandmother to cross the road, more vivid red scarf chest; a rainy day wore heavy rain pick up their kids home, gray hair wrinkles will occur between parents coming from that part of the road running can ring the Earth seven times.In short, teachers sometimes change the composition cha北京夜网nged with the change could not help but laugh out loud bored children to experience this braid, it is really exactly the same.
  But since the big stick to, they have to date, Sun made it pleasant to praise: “But this time, there are a few students in our class, composition is good, worthy of praise, they are Peizai Han, Wang providential.”Mr. Sun very satisfied, nodded and remembered the name of the side, her hand waving demonstration a few volumes, basically every time or have finished writing jobs, there will be a few ‘standard’ essay circulated among students.
  This is the age of the child, not into the rebellion, most of the

ys felt that this is not a big problem, which as brothers and sisters, there is friction normal, grew up do not like it?

  ”My words are very heavy today, but I really think that we should also change, and you talk about the two of us, but also really funny, I am a doctor, to prescribe the right medicine, no inspection reports, even the doctor did not dare open.And How about you, as a lawyer, when the former was still at university, a student of law and justice.But we really to real life, that does not make a judgment according to the actual situation, one does not decide cases in accordance with the evidence.”His smile,” I sometimes think, this sub-Han children, really wrong北京夜网ed, we both have always felt that we just, in the final analysis, the two of us, ah, have experience severe migraine.”
  Wu Fangfang’s deeper feelings, she suddenly recalled this evening pick-daughter thing happened the next class, then clearly some of the sub-Han wronged more – after all, she knows when the mother, t广州桑拿网he child Han do not like bugs, then she can actually root Ember thought to apologize for things, but subconsciously think, sub-Han make things too, that the insects did not climb out, scare, also played a sister to sister cry.Even to the end, she did not let Ember sister to say the words “I’m sorry”.
  At that time do not feel there is any way to deal with the problem of Wu Fangfang, but now they suddenly become guilty and lost, she really and actually found her husband said yes, she was the balance, playing everything from the beginning, that is crooked.
  She was so personal a freshman, but also by the aggrieved uncomfortable, uncomfortable child Han will do?
  ”Fang Fang, since what happened, we have no way to change.”Pei Naochun deliberately spoke easily,” I say today, that is, give us a heads with each other, we urge each othe佛山桑拿r with, end flat bowl of water, do not let the children always wronged, affected, which is what we parents do the greatest thing to do, say, do not blame you,

, we have to beat him curse him, and he do not care about.”Even parents say, adults and children do not need to care about, do not let her continue to toss.

  At that time the couple saw, also discussed a lot, Wu Fangfang said never let their children become ourselves like.
  ”This is what will do the same?”
  ”The situation is not quite the same, but this nature, it is not some similar?”Pei Naochun patiently with his wife, said he knows some ideas Wu Fangfang’s not so easy to be persuaded to change,” D深圳桑拿网o you think that female students are adults, will be too social a few years, she did not Moreover, way to do a child patient, even those of us spectators, know that things are against the common enemy, how can you say sub-Han always unconditionally inclusive Ember it?Not to mention sometimes we know, Ember i天津夜网s indeed vexatious.”
  ”.No, Ember younger, sometimes she just wants something, she did not keep a bad heart.”
  ”The Internet has been Tucao bear children, you must keep it a bad heart?Maybe he just felt funny, fun, is not it?”Pei Wu Fangfang Naochun staring eyes, the other running away from his eyes,” I thought for a long time, the question now, is not just a question of sub-Han.”
  ”We have been asking the child Han to retreat, sub-Han will be uncomfortable, and my heart can not accept, which affected her healthy growth, but also destroyed the harmonious relationship between the sisters, meanwhile, have been sister patience with the Ember, every time at home, also becomes somewhat overbearing, we judge one thing, you should not see right or wrong?Fang Fang, you did not find, when we look at their children, can not always find the prob杭州桑拿洗浴lem, but just want a simple solution to do it?”
  ”Like today, I said good gifts, but insisted Ember robbed, her sister she rude, I do not know to ask; second is to understand the truth of their words, their own had to be a shark, in respect of a shark; three is overbearing, not what others do not understand something she can have.Is, in m

ctually true.Can the situation is different, sub-Han this gift, nothing more than a bag of grilled shrimp dry it, she was a person not be able to eat, how you can not break it to sister?If I want to eat two, so will trouble you?Share consciousness, it is very important.”Wu Fangfang also express their views, the couple in the upbringing of their children has been come and go, the situation is everything a person never exist.

  ”If today, some are a sub-Han doll, Ember trouble, you will not let it make sub-Han?”Pei Naochun changed the questions.
  Wu Fangfang know what to say, he hesitated a moment and said: “Just.Let the child play with jade, jade and other sub-tired after, and then returned to the sub-Han is not good enough?”Does a similar thing happened before, Ember really terrible cry, she did play the first majo苏州夜网r Ember.
  ”That’s our empathy, you feel, you feel good about sub-Han?The child usually has sensible enough, as long as the basic every Ember what to say, we have to let her, how she did not agree when?But she agreed to return consent, do you really?”
  Wu Fangfang not answer, she thought, then said: “But this situation is not the same.Sub-Han, after all, is the sister.”
  ”Sister So what of it?”Pei Naochun when rummaging original body memory, found a particularly good example,” Fang Fang, you remember some time ago, that we see with the news you bear children?”
  The bear children News, referring to the online Tucao a degree of empathy with the content of it is raised a storm, which tells the story of a female college students, because there is no lock the door during the holidays, go out after the return, the room pigment cosmetic深圳桑拿网s give all fell to the ground was broken, probably close to the total value of the five or six thousand, a child murderer is precisely to relatives of her house, and her sad lot and the other tried to negotiate, since the parents of children that can be the response was: “he’s a child, not naive, you do not know those things precious

ster on top, she grabbed grilled shrimp dry, kicked a small shark, rushed to his room: “I do not want small shark!I hate the Pei Ziyu!I hate mom and dad!”The door is left behind, and sent a big bang.

  ”Sub-Han!”Before most adults do not like the behavior of a few children, there will be slamming doors to throw things, Peizai Han this behavior, parents were both a little less satisfied with this sound too large, and somewhat scared Pei Ziyu, she heard her s北京风月会所ister she said the most annoying, but also sad to cry, both parents had to coax up a first round: “Yu-behaved child, my sister a bad mood today, losing his temper at it, we do not want this thing.”
  And this time, of course, no one will know, separated only by a door Peizai Han, also lying on the bed crying themselves hoarse, her grievances, is this house, no one can understand.
  ”Fang Fang, you did not find it?Our family these two little girls, the situation is unlikely to have a.”Pei Naochun sighed,” children get along, to some extent influenced by adults, perhaps some of our behavior, affecting both children.”
  ”How can you suddenly say.”Wu Fangfang sit down,” and the sub-sub-Han Yu has been all kind of good, whether teachers, students or our relatives and friends, have been rejoicing, how can there be any problems.”She did not mind.
  ”Fang Fang, you will not find two children in other signs it?Said today, do not you think, if we let things go pressing sub-Han, unfair to her yet?”
  ”unfair?”Wu Fangfang feels incredible, I could not help but ask, even laugh out loud,” It’s not fair There is not any place?But do sub-Han sister, s广州桑拿he was a big year-old than it Ember?What she can care about and Ember?Besides, this bag of roasted dried shrimp, as saying that it is not fair?”
  ”Fang Fang, this is my son Han to buy a gift, you calm down and rationally think about, is not eligible for sub-Han, a person occupies my father gave her a gift yet?Besides, this gift, but before I go, they both personally chosen.”
  ”That is a

my sister say his heart very sad she also bit his lip, please look to her sister: “grilled shrimp dry like my sister, my sister you do not hate me, do not angry with me 苏州夜网please?”She hesitated, put just been picked up and thrown on the floor of a small shark, carefully placed before her sister body, the” small sharks also to my sister.”

  ”We Ember Zhenguai.”Wu Fangfang immediately boast, she looked at Peizai Han,” Han son, Well, well, do not cry, you see, and more well-behaved无锡夜网 sister Yeah, she does not just want to grab grilled shrimp dry, also small sharks also gave How about you up!”
  ”.”Peizai Han speechless moment, she looked at her sister, then look mom.
  ”Yes ah Han son, you see, Ember and more sensible, when you this sister can not afford to fall behind, we do not mean a lot of it back?You have to do a good example of his sister, right?”Original body also build on the progress, he intends to take the opportunity to educate her daughter.
  Not the case, simply not the case, she had been watching her mother pulled her sister’s arms, and then look at the expression of the same father, but my mind was getting frustrated, why her sensible,Behavior is as it should be, and her sister’s sensible, but it should be praised?If from the beginning, looking for her sister would not discuss grilled shrimp dry, I w杭州桑拿洗浴ill not like this, now do not grilled shrimp dry, but should be good to do some praise.
  She remembered the past, her every day at home, will put garbage pick a good income, Mom and Dad would just nod at the back point, pair Yu said, to learn and sister; do not like to clean up the stuff of Ember, finally received once, First mom and Dad come home, immediately rushed up, but parents can boast yet another award.
  Each time, she and her sister are not the same, all she do is when my sister should be done, do it all sister?It is doing great.
  Peizai Han’s face is getting worse, she has been not a little girl temper, especially sensitive can be alone in my parents and si

o dried shrimp, have some hysterical crying: “But every time you call me to give my sister, I do not!Why would I have to make!Just because I’m bigger it?I do not do my sister, and my sister do!I do make, and you can also let me!Well I said bring me a gift have to give my sister to eat, I do not agree!I just do not agree!”

  Original body hear laughed: “Silly boy, who is big and it is not our final say, than your sister born bowl, that is my sister, what you say once the switch is?Bes深圳桑拿网ides, you big sister so much more than it, she was little, she could not understand what?Mom and Dad know you sensible.”
  ”I did not know, I’m not naive!”Peizi Han crying snot bubble are out, badly embarrassed,” I quit!Why should I stuff my sister, is not obedient, is to grab something, she wanted my stuff, is to let me make it?Obviously she did not listen, she is wrong things, have to call me, say I’m bad!Why should I have her tube.”
  When people cry, like how many bitter memories will be in my heart, she can remember, every time when wronged assume responsibility for her sister, she repeatedly tried to convince myself, telling myself – yes ah, my sister still so small, she is the sister looked for mom and dad, sister do not make mistakes, his heart grievances, always endless, she can not twenty-four hours watching sister, 广州桑拿网sometimes just watching cartoons into God, to go to the toilet, a back, sister to make trouble, and how she can do it?
  ”You are my sister.”Wu Fangfang was crying big head, to appease her daughter, she was also very confused, in fact, she was born in families with many children, as the youngest daughter, from small to large, parents are called to let her brothers, she does not know teach children feel with this set, but this Is there something wrong with you?
  ”I do not want my sister!”She cried all began sobbing,” I’m not happy, I hate my sister!I hate sister!You only like her, I do not like!”
  ”Peizai Han, how you speak it?”The original body can not help but hear it

ok in that day.

  At that time –
  Wu Fangfang brow furrowed, she went over to look, take drastic measures to put Peizi Han clutching grilled shrimp dry hands pulled out, while the other refused to let go, you can just point force, how can an adult child is able to stand strength: “well, all good to listen to my mother, son Han, you gave my sister a dry grilled shrimp, small sharks to you, so next time you go out to give your dad buy.”She will be a dry grilled shrimp stuffed into Pei Ziyu arms,” Well, well, it does not solve the problem yet?Do not cry ah, cry more than face shame shame.”
  Cha Zhaoyao edge of the original skill is also very helpless, he sighed, but nodded: “Yes ah, you say daddy come home for so long, you will become noisy like this, and more bad ah?You two sisters grew up in a small, feeling go都市夜网od, just to a grilled shrimp dry, as to fight it?Sub-Han, we do sister, to be sensible, you’re a good example of it!”
  Past one size fits all solution, no one wanted to direct detonated Peizai Han, what she rushed over, a sister from the things that pull back, Pata tears fall down, while wiping the side of the stream: “No!This is my, why give sister!”Her mind moving too quickly, and soon thought of before Mom and Dad’s teachings,” before you do not also teach us idiom?Kongrongrangli!Why not let my sister, why do I have to want to make!”
  ”How can you pull, hurt my sister how to do?”Wu Fangfang first criticism, I thought it was funny, it seems the adults, children quarrel appearance and the reasons are quite funny, childish lovely, she could not help being amused, looked at her husband:” Let the child was a little Han talented woman, uti都市兔兔lization idiom, though we say Kongrongrangli, but this little sister, age, just like mom and Dad, you eat those delicious, we also want to eat, but we never and you grab it?right?”Phase, as the couple laughed, but also feel strange interesting.
  Listen Peizi Han heart next, but more and more uncomfortable, she stomped, clinging t